Independent School Management

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Independent School Management, managed by Nexus Media Group, is a dedicated platform for business leaders of independent schools (including bursars, heads, directors of estates or admissions). We provide magazine coverage and thought leadership, with unrivalled access to advisors, industry experts, investors and operators.

We recognise that being a business leader of an independent school is an increasingly challenging role. We aim to provide access to best-in-class finance, accounting, legal, compliance, property, and marketing advisors and create a community where leaders of independent schools can share ideas and knowledge.

We report (we also publish Education Investor Global and Nursery Management Today), invest, and talk to the market through our magazine coverage. As a result, we have access and are on first name terms with some of the industry’s best advisors, financiers, operators, and thought leaders.

Upcoming Events:

30th September
Education Summit,
Business Design Centre, London N1