Pupils killed after driver suffered seizure

  • 28th June 2024

The driver of a 3.5 tonne Land Rover that crashed into Study Preparatory School in Wimbledon last July killing two girls suffered an epileptic seizure and will not face prosecution.

Claire Freemantle said she had “no recollection of what took place” and had lost consciousness when the vehicle she was driving ran over a picnic table where pupils were having an end-of-term tea party, killing Nuria Sajjad and Selena Lau and injuring others.

The decision by the Crown Prosecution Service after examination of Freemantle’s medical records and evidence from neurological specialists found that she had no prior diagnosis of a medical condition and had not previously suffered any seizures.

The Times reported that Nuria’s parents Sajjad Butt and Smera Chohan, and Selina’s parents Franky Lau and Jessie Dong said: “There are questions that remain unanswered. As long as these doubts remain, we remain unconvinced a fair and thorough investigation was conducted.

“We continue to live with horrific memories, some of us will never physically recover from our injuries, and the pain of our loss will never subside. Yet it is suggested we must continue to live with the claim that the person solely responsible for the deaths of two and the maiming of others bears no consequence for the actions that they solely are responsible for, without providing us with sufficient evidence that no criminal act was conducted,

“Justice has neither been done, nor has been seen to be done today. Nuria and Selina deserved better.”

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