Pupils walk for African school

  • 9th July 2024

Bolton pupils arriving at Rivington Pike

The whole of Bolton School has taken part in a series of sponsored walks to help build a secondary school in Africa.

Just before Bolton School broke up for the summer holidays, 1,200 senior school pupils undertook a whole-day charity walk to Rivington Pike and back to the school’s campus to raise funds to help build a school in Malawi.

Boys and girls progressed in small groups with teachers and nearly all made it to the Pike with sixth form pupils helping out with the administration on the day.

Several days earlier, nursery, infant and junior schoolchildren also did their fundraising bit, walking around the school’s 32-acre campus.

The funds collected will be put with over £20,000 already raised by teacher Julia Marsden in the Junior Girls’ School, who has been fundraising for some time to build a school in Malawi for orphaned street children. Marsden has been inspired by several visits out to the African country.

The target is, working alongside local charity Great Minds Bright Futures, to raise £50,000 in order to build a school that older children can attend.

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