Cannabis sales pitch concerns Highgate School

  • 12th March 2024

Unscrupulous drug dealers have been promoting their ‘high quality’ cannabis for sale via posters on lampposts and trees around Highgate School in north London, Yahoo News has reported.

The disturbingly professional Bitz 420 website offers “guaranteed high quality weed” which can be purchased with cryptocurrency and delivered to customers’ homes within 24 hours. The site states: “With the ever-changing world and technology, the old school way of meeting a dealer on a street corner is outdated.” It even falsely claims the government is legalising cannabis in the near future. In fact, for serious infractions the maximum prison sentence is 14 years.

Arthur Dabrowski, acting deputy head of Highgate Senior School, said the posters “presents a safeguarding risk” to its pupils which are aged 11 to 18.

In an email to parents Dabrowski stated: “I am writing to let you know that we have become aware of a number of advertisements posted near the school site, and indeed across north London, advertising the illegal sale of cannabis.

“We have shared information relating to the posters in Highgate with our police contacts, and will remove any signs that are within sight of the school buildings.

“I would also encourage any parents to remove signage of this nature, should they come across it.

“Clearly, this material presents a safeguarding risk to our community and we are keen for it not to have any impact on pupils.”

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