Castle School to close in July

  • 5th February 2024

Castle School, a co-educational private school for children aged three to 16 in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire is closing at the end of the academic year, The Pembrokeshire Herald has reported.

Principal Harriet Harrison sent an email to parents, days after a previous email from the school stating that it was remaining open.

Harrison said: “If you need to focus your frustrations, disappointment and any anger please let that be at me. I am more than happy to meet with any parent to further explain this difficult decision.”

Harrison said the decision was driven by the loss of key leadership team members, the financial and operational challenges of managing multiple school inspections, the unsuccessful transition to a new management model, and the school’s decision to close its sixth form and nursery.

An unnamed parent said: “Things have been up in the air for so long, and now the school has announced it is closing I am worried if my children are going to learn anything with the lack of teachers and classes being amalgamated.

“In short this is a huge mess and I think that all the pupils are going to miss out getting a decent education this year.”

Another parent added: “This is very upsetting and very shocking, unless I move work I am not sure now where I am going to send my child in September.”

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