Headmaster claims Labour will price out poorest pupils

  • 25th October 2023

Antony Oulton

Antony Oulton, principal of Hulme Grammar School in Oldham has said that Labour’s plans to impose 20% VAT on school fees would “price out” his poorest pupils, The Telegraph has reported.

Oulton added that the effect of the policy would be “massive”, making it difficult for his school to offer bursaries.

According to census data, Hulme is the most deprived borough in Greater Manchester. Hulme Grammar School charges £9,840 a year for infants and juniors, and £13,470 for senior school and sixth form pupils. Oulton said around a third of its pupils come from low-income households and receive bursaries and “a good number” are on fully paid scholarships.

Yesterday it was reported that private schools will be barred from claiming back past VAT tax receipts under Labour’s plans.

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