Independent Schools Council reports census data

  • 2nd June 2023

The Independent Schools Council’s (ISC) 2023 census has revealed that in January 2023 the average day school fee had reached, £16,656, up 5.8% on the year. The average boarding school fee jumped 5.2% to £39,006.

All 1,395 schools in UK membership of the constituent associations of ISC completed the survey

Other highlights were:

  • Record amounts are being spent on bursaries — more than £1 billion.
  • Independent schools have been supporting more than 2,000 Ukrainian
  • The average day school fee of £16,656 represents a 37% from the £12,153 average in 2013.
  • The average boarding fee of £39,006 is 41% higher than the £27,600 average in 2013, with the rises largely reflecting government levels of wage inflation.
  • 8% of new independent school pupils had switched from the state sector, while 29.7% had come from other independent schools.

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