Independent schools look to invest in facilities and staff

  • 18th October 2023

Research with headteachers, bursars and finance managers at UK private schools reveals that 77% are looking to increase their spend over the next two years to invest in facilities and attract the best teachers.

Between now and 2025, 69% of those interviewed believe that their schools will increase their expenditure on facilities and staff by 10% or more, and 29% expect it to increase by more than 15%.

However, the study reveals that 79% of those surveyed say that over the past three years they have had to delay or cancel investment plans in their schools because of delays around collecting fees for pupils.

In terms of the areas their schools cancelled or suspended investing because of late fees payment, 84% cited the hiring of support staff, and this was followed by 52% who said sports equipment, and 51% who said teaching materials, such as books.

With escalating costs, and to help support the increased expenditure on facilities and staff, 80% of those surveyed expect school fees to rise faster than their historic rate – nearly one in three (30%) anticipate them rising significantly faster than this.

The research was conducted by Pureprofile which canvassed 100 head teachers, bursars and finance managers at fee paying schools in May.

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