Labour’s tax plans will hurt state sector

  • 27th March 2023

Research by the Independent Schools Council indicates that Labour’s tax plans for independent school fees would leave parents “scrambling” for top state places, The Sunday Telegraph has reported.

The research suggests a predicted shift of around 25% of independent school pupils to the state sector, as a result of Labour’s plan to add VAT to school fees, with areas including the Southeast, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester particularly affected.

The ISC analysed 10 local authorities covering at least 19 Labour constituencies to see how the influx of independent pupils to the state sector would affect admissions over five years.

Julie Robinson, the ISC’s chief executive, said: “Labour’s tax on parents would have unintended consequences for the state sector. The pressure of pupil movement from independent to state schools would damage social mobility and lead to fewer disadvantaged pupils having the option to attend their preferred school.”

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