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  • 21st December 2023

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In the next edition of Independent School Management we will dig into the areas of the school business often overlooked.

Topics in the first issue of 2024 include:

Head and bursar: what makes this special relationship tick?

Governance: consolidating gains made during the pandemic; alternative models.

Marketing and admissions: how did your school fare? What to do next.

International schools: the new hot spots for investment

Leadership: effective recruitment protocols for smooth succession planning.

Strategic change: getting stakeholders to buy into your vision.

Property: analysis of the changes in business rates.

Finance: trading subsidiaries and gift aid/difficulty of repatriating profits to the charity.

Finance: effective debt recovery from overdue fees.

Pensions: stick with the TPS or leave? Strategies and the potential effect on recruitment.

PR: how to manage bad news.

Risk management: decarbonisation of the school campus part 2.

IT: effective procurement to ensure software is current and fit for purpose.

Fundraising: building long-term relationships. Fundraising: how to increase your lettings income. News, people moves and more.

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