Teacher strike ballot falls short of threshold

  • 16th January 2023

A vote by teachers belonging to the NASUWT teachers’ trade union failed to meet the turnout threshold for strike action, Schools Week has reported.

Approximately nine in ten members who voted supported strikes and action short of a strike, but with national turnout at only 42%, the vote fails because a 50% turnout is required by law.

88.5% of state school staff in England voted in favour of strikes and 94.1% voted in favour of action short of the strike.

Since 2016, unions must reach a turnout threshold of 50%, and secure yes votes from 40% of eligible members to win ballots for action in the public sector.

NASUWT carried out ballots in independent schools on a “disaggregated” basis and said it secured mandates for industrial action at 125 sites in England.

NASUWT’s general secretary Dr Patrick Roach said: “[It is] clear that our members are sending a strong message to the government on the need to address teachers’ pay concerns. Whilst the government’s anti-trade union legislation prevents members in state-funded schools and colleges from taking industrial action, we remain in formal disputes with ministers and employers and will be continuing to take forward our campaigning for a better deal for teachers.”

“Our campaign to fight for the real terms pay awards that teachers and headteachers deserve continues.”



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