Local dentist could save Castle School

  • 6th February 2024

All may not be lost for doomed Castle School, a co-educational private school for children aged three to 16 in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire due to close In July following a string of misfortunes.

The Pembrokeshire Herald has reported that the parent of  a Year 5 pupil at the school, Dr Mark Boulcott, a retired army officer turned dentist, has come up with a plan to save the school.

Boulcott says he has outlined a plan to purchase Castle School from owner and principal Harriet Harrison, adding that they will work together until the end of the academic year after which he will assume full control.

Boulcott says he wishes to operate the school as a charitable organisation, adding: “I have never run a school. But what I am is a business owner and I understand teaching. I am a manager and am used to organising teams.”

In his statement, Boulcott said: “We would all wish the status quo to continue, and this motivates the action I have taken. To keep Castle School alive and working for the betterment of all our children.”

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